Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where Is It?

We have been looking for it for about a month; some longer.  Every day we wake up wondering if it will show up from it's hiding place.  We have been patient.  It's been missing for almost 6 months!  We know we don't have any control over whether it shows up today or tomorrow or a month from now.  And we have all talked about it so much, you would think it would show up.  But, we continue on each morning and throughout each day, hoping, wondering, wishing it will show.

There are chores to be done.  There are games to be played.  There are gardens to prepare.  There are so many lists telling us what has to be completed in time.

You know what we are missing?  Do you know what it is that we are waiting for so patiently to show up?  Send me your guesses.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Beloved Seattle

Since we moved north of Seattle over a year ago, we don't have the opportunity to drive into the city as much any more.  Last weekend I had the chance to get back for an event at the Seattle Center.  This is the area of the city filled with tourists, as well as hometown folks.  Here you'll find the historic Space Needle, the Seattle Science Center, the Experience Music Project, the Northwest Ballet Center and so many other museums and performing arts buildings.  Acres of city set aside for all to enjoy, all ages, all types of interests, all of the time.

I love this place because of all it has to offer.  Not only does it allow everyone to sit in the center of the park, while watching a fountain ball of water, (really something to experience as well), or sun on the acres of grass while watching or experiencing entertainment all around.  This is the spot where many festivals are held, the Bumbershoot Festival every Labor Day weekend, the Bite of Seattle every spring, not to mention the Nutcracker Ballet at the NW Ballet Center.  There's never a dull moment here, no matter the time of year.

As I walked through the grounds, there were pole banners with the list of events for the year.  It reminded me of so many of the annual events that we have participated in over the years.  The Bite of Seattle is a taste of many of the restaurants in the Seattle area.  Each of the restaurants set up stands throughout the Center grounds.  People walk and eat the day away.  We've been to the Bite many times and have a great time trying new foods and restaurants.

Bumbershoot is the end of the summer season celebration.  A bumbershoot is an umbrella.  So we celebrate the end of summer or maybe the beginning of the rainy season.  It's another fun festival with music, crafts, shows and more.  Over the years we've seen some artists like the legendary Jackson Brown.  Such a great place to walk and experience all aspects of life.

The Space Needle holds some fond Christmas memories.  When my daughters were young, we would go to the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle for Christmas Eve brunch.  The girls would get all dressed up in their Christmas dresses and dine in the round with a 360 degree view of the city (the restaurant rotates).

Seattle is such a diverse town and the Seattle Center is one of my favorite places to visit.  Now I get to experience it all again with my grandsons!  Can't wait for the adventures with them!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten Of My Absolute Worst Pet Peeves

Did you ever witness or experience something over and over, someone else doing it and just feel like you want to scream?  Everyone has pet peeves ~ you know that one behavior that someone does that you just can't stand it!  Well here are just a few of mine ~ I had to stop at 10!  Please feel free to list yours as well.  I promise it will make you feel better!  And next time, we can post the 10 things we absolutely love.

Here we go
1.  People who drive slow in the fast lane.
2.  People who zig-zag in and out of traffic
3.  People who pretend they don't see you waiting for a parking spot (hello, it's a car, how can you miss it?) and pull in still pretending that you're invisible
4.  People who meet you 10 times and act like they never met you (ok, maybe not 10 times but at least 9!)
5.  People who always know more, did it better, have to be right or have the last word.
6.  People who prolong your class (especially an evening class) by asking inane questions.
7.  People who ask my advice and then do the opposite or who argue with you when you give them advice.
8.  People who walk on the wrong side of the walkway, right toward you, and don't move.
9.  People who don't consider anyone else.
10.Getting disconnected when you've been on hold for a long time after going through a phone key menu several times over.

There you have it!  Now it's your turn~

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Walk Me Home?"

My grandson has a serious crush!  He can even tell you the exact time he met his crush.  She only lives across the street from us.  Now usually when my grandson is here visiting, they get to play together.  Recently they had a "play date".  This is meerly an innocent way to get together and play at a specific preset time.  The 'date' was a hit and had a great time.  They played a game of "Frog" and laughed and giggled.  It was a delight to hear their laughter.  Then it was time to go home.  Well, when my grandsons little friend asked if he would like to walk her home to which he replie, 'no thanks'. (he is very polite!)  However, he missed his opportunity to see his 'crush' to the door.  As my husband overheard the conversation, he pulled my grandson aside and said, next time a girl asks you to walk her home, you seize the opportunity and walk her home!  Such innocence ~  did I mention he's six years old?  Well that will someday be advice I'm sure he'll listen to with all ears but for now, this Nona is perfectly content to know that he is polite and knows how to say 'no'.  (snicker-snicker!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grace For Dinner

As we sat down for dinner last night, we had some good laughs.  My daughter drove to our island house for an overnight visit with our grandsons. The boys had spent the day crabbing and exploring the beach and the island with us as usual. 

Dinner was homemade lasagna. Everyone was plenty hungry and ready to eat. Before starting dinner, I asked my 5 year old grandson if he would say Grace before we started our dinner. He shyly responded that he didn't want to, he was just a little embarrassed in front of the family. 

My daughter turned to our 2 year old grandson to ask if he would say Grace. His response was “Grace”! We all burst out laughing! What a character! Of course that would be his take on Grace. How can a 2 year old know how to be so funny! 

Now my 5 yr old grandson wouldn't be outdone by his younger brother so he did say Grace. His 'Grace' was, “God thank you for our food, a good day, my family and everything.” 

I love my little boys! They are the best and they always leave us laughing!