Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where Is It?

We have been looking for it for about a month; some longer.  Every day we wake up wondering if it will show up from it's hiding place.  We have been patient.  It's been missing for almost 6 months!  We know we don't have any control over whether it shows up today or tomorrow or a month from now.  And we have all talked about it so much, you would think it would show up.  But, we continue on each morning and throughout each day, hoping, wondering, wishing it will show.

There are chores to be done.  There are games to be played.  There are gardens to prepare.  There are so many lists telling us what has to be completed in time.

You know what we are missing?  Do you know what it is that we are waiting for so patiently to show up?  Send me your guesses.

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