Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grace For Dinner

As we sat down for dinner last night, we had some good laughs.  My daughter drove to our island house for an overnight visit with our grandsons. The boys had spent the day crabbing and exploring the beach and the island with us as usual. 

Dinner was homemade lasagna. Everyone was plenty hungry and ready to eat. Before starting dinner, I asked my 5 year old grandson if he would say Grace before we started our dinner. He shyly responded that he didn't want to, he was just a little embarrassed in front of the family. 

My daughter turned to our 2 year old grandson to ask if he would say Grace. His response was “Grace”! We all burst out laughing! What a character! Of course that would be his take on Grace. How can a 2 year old know how to be so funny! 

Now my 5 yr old grandson wouldn't be outdone by his younger brother so he did say Grace. His 'Grace' was, “God thank you for our food, a good day, my family and everything.” 

I love my little boys! They are the best and they always leave us laughing!  

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